TBI was the end of Tina as I once knew her. This song Broken Halos reminds me of losing myself. It is like she died in many ways at 24.

Not just for me but also my family. This has happened 2 times for me. I will say while the second one made things worse, it has also made me aware of who I am and who I want to be. This is a huge positive in my eyes.  

There is this one verse that says, 

Don’t go looking for the reasons

Don’t go asking Jesus why?

We’re not meant to know the answers

They belong to the by and by

They belong to the by and by

Every time I listen to this verse tears leak. I think it reminds me that it is not a question to ask. It only brings perpetual sadness. The song is about losing your loved ones too soon in life. This fits my brain injury life if you ask me. I still miss her today, even though I am not sure who she was. 

I have asked my mom if she misses me. She says yes she misses her Tina. I often wonder if my sister and other family feel it too? I have asked Allison if she misses the Tina she knew before brain injury #2, she says yes. I know that I (Tina) am still here. I like to refer to myself as Tina 3.0 haha.

p.s. I miss her too.