I was 24 years old when my life was changed forever. This summer marks the 17th year that I have lived with TBI (traumatic brain injury). In the summer of 2015, I learned of all the changes that helped me feel crazy since 2003 were accurate. It put me in the deepest darkest place I have ever been in life.

Learning of the life long change was devastating to me, it also gave me the overwhelming desire to help others living with brain injury and their families by sharing my life with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Brain Injury affects you and every person in your life. For two generations I have seen those in my family (including me) with brain injury; lose family and friends. The bonds have broken due to personality change and memory loss, flat affect(tone), anger, short term & long term memory loss, independence, and more.

Learning this then putting in shit tons of hard work, getting my anger in check, and acceptance of all the changes, I am now in a better place with myself and those left in my life. Finding acceptance for my new life and brain is one of the hardest things I have ever done and continue to do. ~TBI Gurl

p.s. I do not share my story so that you may feel sorry for me. I share it, so others know they are not alone, and maybe it will make their days a bit better. Perhaps it will help during their acceptance and healing.