Tina Haught

Tina is a traumatic brain injury survivor (warrior). In the summer of 2003 she was wake-boarding and fell a couple of times. That ended the day for her. One month later she was rushed into emergency surgery for a bilateral-craniotomy due to the blood that had accumulated on her brain. All of this damage was caused when her head made contact with the water. This left her with many residual struggles.
In 2013 she was introduced to some incredible supplements that have helped her with the physical, financial and emotional residuals of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Brain injury is a lifetime of recovery. It is an invisible injury.
In addition to the health benefits Tina found with her supplements, she also found the opportunity to build her own business. Memory loss and fatigue keep her from the ability to hold a traditional job. The work she does as an ambassador is perfect for her. It allows her the flexibility that she needs.
Tina is now hopeful and excited for her future.

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